• Caracteristics

    Mobile Sales and its versions have a series of caracteristics that will help optimize your mobile sales proces.

  • Inventory Management

    Search items by its bar-code, item code, or its location. Check item price and onhand items ability to upload item image. Get detail information on item packaging and dimensions. Update bar-code and product details

  • Sales Module

    Check invoice status Order creation Ability to give a discount on orders Sync orders to back office or export them to excel. Import order from excel in bulk.

  • Business Partners Management

    Check Busines Partners data Create new business Partners

  • Acct Receivables

    Visualize outstanding invoices per custumer. Register account receivables.

  • Sync

    Configure remote server settings Create new app users Sync app data

Mobile Sales

the mobile sales app allows you to stay connected to the business in an easy and simple maner. You can do all your sales process including item management, acct receivables, Price and onhand verification, create new clients and check their current staus, and sync data to and from the backoffice at your convinience, entre otras. This translate in improving the time of your process. there are four different versions: Mobile Sales Cloud Mobile Sales Personal EZ Inventory Cloud EZ Inventory Personal
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Mobile Sales Cloud

This is the full version of the app. All caracaterictcs are sync to the back office. there are diferent user roles you can define. the principal modules are: Inventory Sales Business Partners Acct Receivables Administration (Sync)

Mobile Sales Personal

This version has all the caracateristics of Mobile Sales Cloud with the only differenca taht it does't sync to the backoffice. All the info is store locally on the device. You can import the data using excel templates or export al the information to excel. Ideal for small business or independent workers that don't want to create a backoffcie server infrastructure. The app is available directly from the Google App Store or Amazon App Store.

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EZ Inventory Cloud

EZ Inventory has been design to provide real time inventory information. You can manage your inventory by: verifiying prices, locations, Item details such as packaging information, bar-code. item images , keep your custumers inform on your products. ideal for logistics opratos, warehouse mangers, store managers, Warehouse audit personnel, and many more.

EZ Inventory Personal

This is the same version as EZ Inventory cloud with te only difference that all data is stored on your device. You can import and update all the date using an excel file.Also all data can be exported into an excel file. Available directly on the Amazon app store and Google PlayStore