• Caracteristics

    EZ Inventory allows you to visualize your inventory information anywhere.

  • Search

    Search items by: bar-code, item code, location.

  • Visualization

    simple pinch over the item. the app will display a summary of the item data. A long pinch will send you to the complete list of item data where you can edit it.

  • Create New Items

    select the item tab a start filling the information. once all the info is entered press save.

  • Bar-Code

    Once a new item is saved press the bar-code button and in the cod-bar screen scan the desire code-bar. Remember the Inner bar-Code is the one used for searching items.

  • Sync

    Export or import data from an excel template.

EZ Inventory

EZ Inventory has been design to provide inventory information. You can manage your inventory by: verifiying prices, locations, Item details such as packaging information, bar-code. item images , keep your custumers inform on your products. ideal for logistics opratos, warehouse mangers, store managers, Warehouse audit personnel, and many more.

EZ Inventory

all data is stored on your device. You can import and update all the date using an excel file.Also all data can be exported into an excel file. Available directly on the Amazon app store and Google PlayStore